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The Conference 2014(See all)

How To Make It Happen

Jenny Wilson

The Creative Process

Jenny Wilson is one of Sweden’s formost artists with an astounding capability of developing her musical expression. Her four solo albums have distinct...


Brian Reed
This American Life

The Craft of Storytelling

At every stage of the creative process stories want to revert to their natural state, which is to not be a story at all. In a session on “The Craft of...


Erin Moore

An Hour on Time

The world is moving a lot faster than it used to. Now, perhaps more than ever, time is of the essence. For some, our ability to find time has become more...

Research Methodology

Erika Hall
Mule Design

Paying Attention

In a session called ”Paying Attention” Erika Hall talked about listening to people to understand and meet real human needs. While measurable data is...

Research Methodology

Paul Adams

Solving Real World Problems

Paul Adams is going to talk about how to identify problems users of a product have in the session ”Solving Real World Problems”. Paul is the VP of Product...

Internet Culture

Kevin Allocca

Anatomy of Virality

Kevin will explore what the concept of “viral” means in the web video space and deconstruct some of YouTube’s most popular (and interesting) memes and...


Rob Fitzpatrick

Prototyping everything

In our session “Prototyping Everything” Rob Fitzpatrick will talk about how to prototype your ideas by making people say what they really think about them...

Collaborative Creation

Magnus Thure Nilsson
Media Evolution

Community Building

In our session on Community Building Magnus Thure will talk about how to use visionary ideas to build a strong local community. In 2004 Magnus Thure Nilsson...


Jill Nussbaum
The Barbarian Group

The Craft of Storytelling

Designers are agents of change and creators of the future. Their role isn’t just to make things but to create a vision of how those things will change life...


Molly Crabapple

Art and the Network

Molly Crabapple talk about how to use art and drawing as a way of thinking and exploring new ideas. Molly is a painter, illustrator, and writer based in...

New Technologies

Juliana Rotich

Infusions, Innovation & Adventure

Juliana Rotich describe how technology combined with community can leverage global change by informing people from the ground up. By putting knowledge into...


Uffe Elbæk
The Alternative

Closing Keynote

Uffe Elbæk talk about motivation, entrepreneurship, and how to go your own way and question the status quo’s of our world. Uffe Elbæk is a Danish...

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New Technologies

Nell Watson

Machines Understanding of Humans

In a session called ”Helping computers to understand humans”, Nell Watson will investigate humanity’s present and future, with regards to how we program...

Media Insight

Riyaad Minty
Al Jazeera

The Arab Spring

Riyaad Minty leads the Al Jazeera Network’s social media initiatives. As part of the Network’s New Media team, he ensures that Al Jazeera has a presence and...

Human Behavior

Amber Case

Cyborg Anthropology and the Future of the Interface

Amber Case is a cyborg anthropologist and user experience designer from Portland, Oregon, USA. Her main focus is mobile software, augmented reality and data...

Human Behavior

Kenyatta Cheese

How Visual Media Affect Culture And Identity Globally

Prepare to fall in love with .gif! The shift to imagery and animation as a primary mode of communication on the web is a fun, creative shift from the...

Human Behavior

Cindy Gallop

Keynote presentation

Cindy Gallop, the founder CEO of IfWeRanTheWorld and MakeLoveNotPorn, offers some provocative, challenging and highly subjective views on how to redesign...

New Technologies

Anna Haupt

Origins of Creativity

Anna Haupt is one of two founders of the Swedish company and invention Hövding – the invisible bicycle helmet. Many things have been said about where ideas...

Human Behavior

Tricia Wang

China and Africa

Tricia Wang is Cultural Sociologist based in China. She is using immersive ethnography to create commercially relevant insights about how people use digital...

Human Behavior

Simon Kyaga
Karolinska Institute

Origins of Creativity

Simon Kyaga is an attending physician in psychiatry and researcher at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm that has studied the relation between genius and...

New Technologies

Hojun Song
Artist and Engineer

How To Launch A Satellite

Hojun Song is a South Korean artist and engineer that is making narratives and raising questions by creating absurd objects like radiation jewelry and the...

Human Behavior

Suzannah Lipscomb

Opening keynote

Suzannah Lipscomb is Senior Lecturer and Convenor for History at New College of the Humanities. She also holds a post as Lecturer in Early Modern History at...

Human Behavior

Sahar El-Nadi

Closing keynote

Sahar El-Nadi is a writer, photographer and an eyewitness to the Egyptian revolution. She will talk about the incredible lies of the state controlled media...

Human Behavior

Alexander Kjerulf
Woohoo Inc

Origins of Creativity

Alexander Kjerulf is The Chief Happiness Officer at Woohoo Inc. and one of the world’s leading experts on happiness at work. Many things have been said...